As much as we contemn them, cover letters can be considered as an opportunity to make a case, to cover something we cannot mention in the resume format – which is a good deal. Avoid producing shoddily a cover letter in the hope that no one will really go through it. To get benefits of its complete potential, start writing professional cover letter keeping in mind following guidelines:

1. Writing Professional Cover Letter: Include Greeting

For writing professional cover letter, you need to begin it with salutation. There are many distinct types to decide from, and the salutation you pick will hinge on how much info you have regarding organization. If you already know the HR manager name, your salutation must be something such as “Dear [Manager name]” and after that put a comma. Make certain to address the employer officially utilizing their appropriate title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). In case you are not aware of the name of the employer, think about salutation like “Dear HR Manager,” “Dear Recruitment Manager,” or “Dear [Write Organization name] Manager.” As a last chance, you may include in letter To whom it may concern,” however it might come across as a template letter, therefore we suggest not using this salutation.


2. Writing Professional Cover Letter: First Paragraph

In the first paragraph, you should mention the position in which you are interested and how you came to know about the job opening. For writing professional cover letter, first paragraph should contain max 2 to 3 sentences.

3. Writing Professional Cover Letter: Body Paragraphs

Many cover letters contain just 1 or 2 body paragraphs. You would not like to overwhelm the recruiting manager or take a lot of his or her time. For writing professional cover letter, your body paragraphs must contain answers to all questions mentioned below:

Why should I be considered for this opportunity?
What required skills do I possess that suits the employment?
Why am I interested to work in this company?

4. Writing Professional Cover Letter: Final Paragraph

Write the last paragraph where you finish and talk about how you will go on with the application. For writing professional cover letter, you need to include following things in final paragraph:

– Repeat in 1 sentence why you believe you are the most suitable candidate for this job.

– Let them know what you are going to do next. If you have the intention to follow up with the recruiting manager in few days, include an exact date. Otherwise, just state that you look forward to receiving reply from him/her.

– Mention your contact info. Provide your email ID along with the contact number so the recruiting manager can reach you. Clearly state that your resume is attached. In the end, never forget to thank the person for their time.

Finish the cover letter with a polite final proclamation. “Best” or “Sincerely” are some of the usual words that are used. Write your full name at the end of letter, as you cannot sign your email.

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