Some tips for resume writing technique suits you

One of the crucial documents when job hunting is the resume. This document plays a crucial role in helping you secure an interview or your dream job. Its importance does not end there since it is also used in the interview by the interviewer as a reference. You therefore need to do a good job when writing your resume to make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. The first step in doing so is to understand the various resume writing styles available and which one suits you. This is because depending on your experience and education, one style will better present you to a client than another. This article looks at the various resume writing styles including;

Functional resume

A functional resume is one that focuses on the skills of the applicant rather than the work experience. When you are just getting into the job market, you might not have as much experience compared to someone who has been there for a while. A functional resume is best since it highlights those transferable skills that you have gained from previous job experiences, activities or even volunteer work. In the event that you have a large gap in your employment history, you should consider using the functional resume.

Chronological resume

There are certain jobs that require a wealth of experience in the respective area of expertise. Therefore applicants who have a lot of experience have an upper hand over those who have less. In this case, you should use a chronological resume which focuses on your work history. This type of resume shows your employers all your work experience, the positions you held, your responsibilities and accomplishments. This is one of the most popular resume styles since it is a multipurpose resume that works well in most job applications. However, you should consider whether it is of strategic advantage to use it.

Hybrid resume

Both the chronological and the functional resume have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when you combine various aspects of the two, you will get a resume that is richer and of greater quality compared to using one of the techniques. A hybrid resume makes use of both the transferable skills and the work history of the applicants. This therefore presents a balance between experience and the skills that the applicant will be able to bring to the table. It is an excellent resume when you want to prioritize the skills that you have but you also want to demonstrate to the employer that you have the relevant work experience and how your career has evolved over time.

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