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The process of tailoring your resume go suit the particular job that you are applying for may seem like a long process, however, it will significantly increase your chances of securing an interview. One of the common mistakes that job applicants make use the same resume in the application process from different jobs, each with different specifications. This makes your resume generic hence most times tossed in the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” section. The aim of writing a resume is so that you can stand out from the rest of the applicants. In order for you to do so, you have to tailor your resume appropriately. Sample resume download  article looks at some of the tips to do so including;

sample resume download

Has a deep understanding of what the company is looking for

The job descriptions of employing organizations are a crucial resource in the job application process. You might be led to believe the job descriptions are the same if you are looking at job descriptions on a daily basis but they are not. This is because of the different roles that people will be performing in different companies despite having the same title. Read the job description, research and then customize your resume to suit that particular job description.

Utilize and fine-tune the keywords you use

Due to the large number of job applicants, companies nowadays use tracking systems to get relevant resumes. These software mine data from the submitted resume and get those that have relevant keywords and phrases. These phrases and words are usually available in the job description posted by the employer. Identify the keywords to use, and then tweak your resume so that it accommodates these words. When you submit this resume, it will receive a higher rating of the software, thus increase your chances of getting the interview significantly.

Your summary should match the job description

When you are writing a summary of your qualifications or skills for different jobs, they should not be the same. This is because different jobs place special emphasis on different sets of skills and qualifications. You can identify the key qualification in the job description for that particular job. Once you have, you should highlight these skills in your summary. This will enable the resume to stand out compared to the rest of the applicants. Moreover, you should ensure that your career objective matches the job description.

Don’t be shy to highlight your accomplishments

It is important that you highlight your previous achievements. This is a way to show the employer what you will bring to the table should they hire you. Take time to use bullet points. This will make your achievements stand out and in a concise manner. For experienced professionals, you should limit this to those experiences that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. Be objective and list specific achievements and not vague generalities. For maximum results you should use strong action verbs to demonstrate just what you have done.

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