What should be included in the Web Developer Sample Resume?

  • A Web Developer needs to do the task of testing, debugging and and programming all the web applications.
  • A Web Developer has to test, create and utilize web applications.
  • One of the major duties of a Web Developer is to do the coding of pages, files, etc and also to do the testing and debugging.
  • He has to create relevant code structures in order to solve particular tasks.
  • One of the main tasks of a Web Developer is to work in association with other programmers and designers for the development of website projects.
  • He also has to interact with the teams for the formatting and development purposes.
  • He has to actively maintain the websites.
  • A Web Developer has to research various software programs that have compatibility with the future technologies.
  • Another responsibility of a Web Developer is to troubleshoot and fix bugs and resolve any issues appropriately.

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The Web Developer Sample Resume needs to clearly exhibit the technical skills. You need to include the Technical Expertise section to your resume. Just similar to the  Affiliate Manager Sample Resume your Web Developer Sample Resume has to have all the experience that you have in the past.

Furthermore, you have to breakdown this section into sub-categories for instant access to your applications and programs.

You may include the following aspects like:

  • Hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Web applications
  • Networking or protocols
  • Technical certifications
  • Programming languages
  • Database applications

You need to exhibit some of your soft skills in your Web Developer career.  Your resume of the Web Developer needs to be concise and to the point and it should highlight all your accomplishments in an appropriate way. You need not make it lengthy or exaggerate it.

You have to highlight your accomplishments as a Web Developer and how it benefited the company your worked for. You need to exhibit those performances and responsibilities that enhanced efficiency, work etc.

You need to highlight your technical accomplishments and also the technical projects.

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