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John Smith
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Objective –To be part of a challenging  work environment as a warehouse worker using my skills and experience.


High school diploma ( XYZ school)                                                                      1998-1999

Diploma in Warehouse management  ( VBY college)                                   2000-2001


Experience :

– Warehouse worker at K&T Warehousing ,  Florida.                                          2002– 2005
–  Warehouse workers supervisor at Logistics center, Australia.                 2006– 2013

Key responsibilities :

– Receiving orders and unloading them from trucks for storage in the warehouse.

– Maintenance of Tools and equipment used  for unloading inventory from truck.

– Maintaining a clean and healthy working environment at the warehouse.

– Quality control management of inventory kept at the warehouse.

– Supervised the amount of inventory received and stored,and reported any damages caused during storage, transportation or unloading.

– Management of documents about the inventory  received or  going outside the warehouse.

– Preparing receipts on received goods for customers.

– Updating the computer about the on goings at the Warehouse( details about inventory received,timings,bills..etc.)

– Responsible for accuracy of inventory control documents and  invoice bills received.


–  Handling inventory at warehouses without any damages and maintaining a safe work environment.

– Managing accounts of the warehouse

– Microsoft office ( Excel,Word,Access Database)

– Can handle technical issues in a computer.

– Very good and fast  in updating database of the warehouse on the computer

– Managing bar code readers and scanners.

– Maintaining good customer relationships.

– Team player.






Warehouse worker

Warehouse worker



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