Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Office Assistant is generally a freelancer who facilitates technical, innovative and technical services. He handles almost similar tasks as a manager or a secretary but the only difference is that he does it from his home and utilizes his own software, phone and an Internet connection.

Important aspects in the Virtual Assistant Job Description

Following are some of the points which highlight the Virtual Assistant job description:

  • A Virtual Assistant has to actively do the management of the spreadsheets of the customers and also the contact lists. He has to maintain a proper calender and fix meeting schedules.
  • He needs to chalk out the travel arrangements
  • A Virtual Assistant has to manage the accounts and all the billing transactions
  • He needs to make preparations and send out e-mail newsletters
  • He has to send out important details to the customers
  • He has to handle the inquiries of the client through email or phone
  • A Virtual Assistant has to handle all the major correspondence

For the work of a Virtual Assistant, you can get paid around $20 to $45 per hour. Usually, it is the Virtual Assistant who sets up the free depending on the amount of work and also the turnaround time on particular assignments.

The payments can be commission based also. For instance, the commission based on the number of deals per month. Some Virtual Assistants may charge up to $100 an hour depending on the specialization of their services they offer.

You may charge more in case you have expertise in the following areas:

  • Medical transcription
  • Market research
  • Translation of online materials
  • Specialized web based research
  • Maintaining and developing websites
  • Knowledge of technology, health care or financial services

It requires your skills, contacts and discipline in order to succeed as a Virtual Assistant. You need to prioritize your work schedule based on the requirements of the client and adhere to it. You should be able to generate high quality work.

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