So, you like to travel? Than this is a great job for you – in this job employees may receive free travel as a perk of the job! You would  really like to get this job ?  Therefore you need to have a good Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample!

Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample main duties

Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample downloadAs a travel agent you will have to have a lots of planning tasks. People would ask you for your opinion on how to arrange their holiday, how to make they holiday budget, where to go, what restaurants to visit. You will have to advice people how to spend they holiday and where to go, but also to plan for them.



Your main duties would be:

  • marketing and promotion
  • giving information on most popular touristic destinations
  • dealing with client complains and responding to queries
  • preparing promotional materials
  • selling holiday insurance and providing information about visas and passports

Qualification and training Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample

It is advantage for this job position if you hold a Degree in a tourism. But also Degrees in languages, business studies or management may be an advantage.In a Travel Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample travel offerAgent Cover Letter Sample you should mention all the language courses that you have attended.

Key skills Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample

If you are a person who posses good interpersonal skills, numerical and verbal communication skills than you are the right person for the job. You have to mention all this skills and where did you gain them in Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample. For this job it is also good if you are commercial aware, if you posses knowledge on other cultures, customs. Special place in the Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample should be left for foreign languages, specially European languages.

Since the Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample should be attachment to your job application it is good that you choose only most important work experiences that you have by now. You can finalize your Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample bz sending a massage to employer how would you improve the job or how you see yourself in a team.







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