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When you see a good position being advertised and you want to apply for it, it is advisable to polish up your resume. This is because there is a lot of things that vary in job requirements and application process over time. This article looks at some of the things that you need to keep in mind when writing a resume. This is because many people get their resume tossed into the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” file due to carelessness. You there need to pay attention to detail and keep in mind things that need consideration in resume writing such as;

The purpose of the resume 

Many people, especially new comers believe that resume are the documents that enable them to get the job that they are applying for. What they do not know is the fact that resumes are used by employers to contact an applicant and set up an interview. The resume is the document that creates a good first impression to your employers and help you to get the job eventually. You therefore need to take keen interest to the things that you include in your resume and how you format it.

Should you be a generalist or specialist in your resume?

Employers look for specific things in their applicants. They hire applicants for specific jobs thus you need to understand the duties and responsibilities in order for you to write a compelling resume. The employer needs to know that you are the right fit for that job. To answer the question, you need to understand which job you are applying for. Some jobs such as handyman positions require a generalist while others such as Network engineers require you to right a specialist resume when you are applying for the position.

Understand what you should include in your resume and what to keep out.

There are certain essential sections that you should absolutely include in your resume. These sections include educational background, work history, career objective, contact information and earned credentials are key components of your resume amongst other relevant details. However, it is as is important to know what not to include in your resume since it may reduce your chances of getting an interview. You may also expose yourself to potential discrimination by including these details. Some of the things that you should not include in your resume include your marital status, age and religion.

What is the importance of work achievements over duties and responsibilities section?

Preciously, t was the norm to right a resume and include your duties and responsibilities that you were in charge of in your previous position. However, the new format is such that you need to include your achievements in your previous positions. This is important as a client can use this data to assess the value that you bring to the company should you be hired.

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