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In the recent past, there has been increased awareness as to the need for personalized curriculum vitae when applying for jobs. This is because the competition for the available jobs has soared over time and it is more difficult to get jobs. Moreover, the use of software to evaluate the CV and give shortlisted candidates has also influenced this move. Lastly, the use of generic CV hurt the prospects of a candidate since some of the things left out are relevant to the job being applied for while some of the things that have been included are irrelevant to the job that is being applied for. In order for you to get it right when writing your CV, you can use a template to help you write a good CV. A typical Steward CV Sample or Steward Resume Sample has the following structure;

Personal details

This is the topmost thing that is written in the CV. It is an important part of the CV in that the employer can get back to you, should you be shortlisted using the details provided. This further impresses the need for the details to be valid. Proof read the details that you have provided to ensure that you give only that which is valid. Some of the things added to this section include the name of the applicant, street address, postal address, zip code and email address.


This statement should encompass the reason for you to apply for this particular job e.g. to seek a job in the hotel industry.

Summary of your qualifications

In this section, you have the opportunity to explain the reasons as to why you are suitable for the position that has been advertised among the other applicants. You should mention your strengths in this section. Moreover, you can use bullets to enhance the clarity of your points. List your qualifications from the most relevant to the less relevant one. Ensure that your sentences are kept short.

Your education

The education that you have got over the years relevant to your expertise is very important. You can therefore list the schools that you have attended over time in a chronological order. If done correctly, this section will also help set you apart from the rest of the applicants for the same position.

The career experience

It is in this section that you can highlight the places that you have worked in over the years in your area of expertise. You can list the places that you worked and the capacity that you worked as. Moreover, you have to indicate the time that you spent in each of the places that you worked. This information will further make it easier for the employer to find the right candidates based on the work experience and the level of seniority being considered.


In this section, you can highlight the things that you have achieved over the years. Be careful such that you use statistics in terms of money, sales and other metrics to measure your achievements. This will help the employer to establish your value to them should they hire you. Moreover, it will make your CV stand out amongst other conventionally written CV. Get more information about Steward CV Sample from here.

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