Staff Accountant Cover Letter

Staff accountants are very important within an organization. Not only do they make the running of an organization cost effective, but they also help to solve most of the financial problems related to the organizations. When you want to apply for a job, in addition to the resume, you need to have a personalized cover letter. This article provides a guideline of things that you should do in order to increase your chances of getting the job by writing a good quality cover letter. When writing a cover letter for your job application, you need to consider;

State the reason for writing

When you are writing your cover letter, ensure that you state explicitly the position that you are applying for within that organization. Many applicants beat around the bush and end up lowering the quality of their cover letter. You should therefore mention that you are applying for the staff accountant position and how you found out about the open position. You can do this by directly referring to the source.

Sell yourself

You are your best salesperson. Do not be shy to sell yourself to the organization. Ensure that when the employer reads your cover letter, they can get a sense of the value that you will bring to the organization. This will spark the curiosity to the employer enough to land you an interview. Be sure to explain why you are suited for the open position and what you will bring to the table if given the position.

Highlights the achievements

In the course of your career, you will make some achievements in your area of expertise. Ensure that you include these in a summarized form in your cover letter. This will demonstrate your capability at a glance to your employer. Moreover, you should also summarize your skills and experience in your cover letter. You may include short examples where applicable.

Keep it brief

Many employers will not want to spend much time on your cover letter. Therefore, if you write a brief cover letter, it will be easier to read and encourage the employer to go through it. Mentioned only your relevant qualifications so that you can prove that you are an above average applicant for that particular position.

Be safe

Do not be overzealous in your cover letter. Include only the things that you can adequately explain if you are asked to do so in an interview. This is because many employers will use the cover letter and resume during interviews. Therefore, if you put things that you cannot explain, they will hurt your chances during the interview.


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