Tour guide provides knowledge about destinations frequented by visitors. The person on this job position lead groups of tourist  through points of historical or cultural interest. Some cities require that tour guides obtain a license, so depending on where you live you would have to emphasize it in your Sample Resume Tour Guide.

Sample Resume Tour Guide job description


Tour guides are seasonal workers mostly. The work for hotels or travel guide companies. In your Sample Resume Tour Guide main responsibilities may be

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  • lead driving tours
  • lead walking tours
  • lead cruises
  • welcoming and enjoyment of visitors
  • attending morning briefing sessions
  • assistance with the security and protection of historical site 
  • lead interesting guided tours 
  • organizing activities, trails and quizzes for children and adults
  • promotion of the souvenir guidebook 
  • deal effectively with all visitors and team members
  • promote trail guidebooks
  • prepare tour guide documents
  • develop program itineraries 
  • develop promotional materials and distribute it
  • develop and maintain database of clients

Skills Sample Resume Tour Guide

As a tour guide you need to b energetic and friendly but also to have a remarkable knowledge on tour heritage  sites.  Some of the skills that you should have in your Sample Resume Tour Guide may be


  • strong willingness to learn about history
  • excellent presentation and communication skills
  • confidence to speak with and in front of different and multicultural groups 
  • well understanding of clients needs
  • team player
  • ability to manage multiple tasks
  • ability to work on own initiative
  • ability to answer questions 
  • language skills

Education and training Sample Resume Tour Guide

At the very end of your Sample Resume Tour Guide you should write about your education. As a tour guide you may hold a Faculty Degree such as Associate Degree in Travel and Tourism, but typically tour guides have obtained high-school diploma. Mostly tour guides receive on the job training. Some tour guides obtain diplomas by completing certificate programs provided by vocational schools. This includes background check of the candidate in order to become licensed and candidate has to pass a written exam covering factual knowledge on specific locations.

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