This sound as an really interesting and dynamic  job! I always imagine detectives to have some special skills like the Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in the show Mentalist! But in reality you do have to have some group of skills for this job that you should mention in your Sample Resume Private Detective!

Sample Resume Private Detective Job Description

Private detectives work takes place in various places, sometimes dangerous situations and it is a work outside normal working hours. Main goal of the job is to solve crimes, therefore main tasks in Sample Resume Private Detective could be


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  • conduct private investigations to obtain confidential information
  • attempts to gain evidence, follow trails of suspects
  • shadow suspects
  • contact witnesses
  •  examine scene of crime for clues
  • submit fingerprints and findings to laboratory for identification and analysis
  • report criminal information to police
  • write reports for clients
  • arrange lie detector
  • preform in commercial establishment as undercover
  • conduct background investigation of persons to get data on financial status or personal history.

Skills Sample Resume Private Detective

Fort his demanding job you need to have a set of skills. Investigative and Analysis skills should be one of the first mentioned in this part of your Skills Sample Resume Private Detective. Some other would be

  • ability to work under pressure
  • preforming multiple task at the hand
  • result oriented person
  • ability to communicate clearly
  • customer oriented
  • works well with no supervision
  • proficiency in computer applications related to work
  • good management skills
  • knowledge of laws, codes and regulations

If you have specialized in some part of the detective work it would be good to focus on that in this part (for example negotiating with kidnappers).

Education Sample Resume Private Detective

In the last paragraph of Sample Resume Private Detective you should write about your education. If you really want to be private you actually need to have  High School Diploma.  Most of the detectives hold a Degree in Social Justice, or a Degree in a Criminal Justice, but for a private detective it is not mandatory. If you have finalized economic training and you have specialized in commercial affairs, this would be good part of Sample Resume Private Detective to mention it. You can write about some other training like e.g. Law Enforcement Training in this part or other education related to the job.

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