Main goal of a librarian is to run information system in information centers and libraries and to provide services. For this job post you need to have a college degree. Beside this, in your Sample Resume Librarian you should mention excellent master of ICT.

Sample Resume Librarian job description


Sample Resume Librarian downloadLibrarian may work in variety of settings such as schools, colleges, museums, law firms, government agencies or even ngo’s. Depending on job post you Resume  are applying to, in your Sample Resume Librarian you could include next tasks:






  • selecting, acquiring, cataloging, classifying, and maintaining library materials
  • creation of documentary records on particular publications
  • establishing library information system
  • purchase publications
  • establishing contacts with publication houses
  • finds out what readers are interested in
  • preforms in depth strategic research
  • managing budgets
  • promoting the use of the library through community events or displays
  • developing the use of ICT to improve service delivery
  • providing services to socially excluded groups
  • organizing resources in accessible way
  • assisting library users
  • keeping up to date with newly released publications
  • cooperation with other agencies and bodies  such as educational services or museums.

Senior librarians may have additional activities such as managing a team, acquiring funding and strategic development.

Skills Sample Resume Librarian

Knowledge of ICT and great communication skills are important to be mention in your Sample Resume Librarian. Here is our list

  • ability to work systematically
  • good memory
  • cultivated appearance
  • ability to deal with people
  • web publishing HTML, WordPress
  • computer applications google docs, Word, PC, SPSS
  • coordination of tasks effectively

Education and Training Resume Librarian

At the very end of your Sample Resume Librarian you should write about your education and training. Secondary education is mandatory for this position. If you have finished job related additional courses or training you should write about it in this part. It could be courses in Building a School library Website for school educators, ICT courses, and ect.

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