For this job position you should love horoscopes and be interested in people, their lives  and personalities. The main goal of the work of an Astrologer is to advise clients regarding future events by computing position of planets and their relationship to each other based on fact such as time and place the client was born. In your Sample Resume Astrologer you should emphasize your ability to advise client on the course of action to follow and probability of success or maybe even failure of that action.

Sample Resume Astrologer job description

Task performance in Sample Resume Astrologer should be related to studying the influence of the constellation of the stars on a persons life by using natal charts, information technology and astrological tables.   This influence can be related to past, present or the future of the client. As an Astrologer you should be able to determine auspicious time for marriages, journeys and similar important events in client life.  Main tasks that should be as follows

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  • punctuality and timely arrival at meeting points
  • respecting the results to be delivered within  deadlines agreed with clients
  • meet the client’s expectations 
  • awareness of ethical responsibilities 
  • ensure confidentiality 
  • interpret in the correct manner and explain in a clean and concise way that is easyto understand 
  • promote astrology and it’s benefits

Skills Sample Resume Astrologer

To be a successful Astrologer you need to be able to preform  a set of skills and to write about the  in your Sample Resume Astrologer. Some of them would be:

  • discretion 
  • compassionate attitude towards clients, especially sensitive and vulnerable ones 
  • ability to communicate clearly 
  • good understanding of planetary movement 
  • good general grasp of the principles of astronomy 

Education Sample Resume Astrologer

Some universities offer  astrology as part of their short courses. It would be good that you do have completed some official non formal  training if not formal education since most of the clients like some form of formalized paperwork that you can mention in Sample Resume Astrologer.

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