Main goal that one Aircraft Mechanic should achieve on his job post is to provide for the safe operation of airplanes and helicopters. Therefore for getting  this very demanding and responsible job you have to write your Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic so that you put attention to skills and experiences required for this job. Continue reading for our free tips.

Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic Job description

Aircraft Mechanic are exposed to noise and dirt, and changing weather conditions.  The main duties that should be mentioned in Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic are

  • Preforming inspections
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Tyre checks
  • Repairs and replacement of suspensions, air conditioning system
  • Complete pre and post flight inspections
  • Visual inspection
  • Adjusting pumps
  •  Identification of problems and their removal

When preforming these tasks, Aircraft Mechanic use screwdrivers, grease guns, wrenches, drills, lathes and other diagnostic instruments.

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Skills Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic


If you want to be successful in this job you have to be prepared for life long learning and also to have specific skills that you should mention in your Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic. Those skills would be




  • Quick judgement
  • Good eyesight and hearing
  • Technical imagination
  • Keeping organizes work area
  • Ability to climb
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability determining the kind of tools and equipment
  • Knowledge of the adjustment and repair of variable pitch propellers
  • Knowledge of practical application of engineering science which includes applying techniques, procedures
  • Knowledge of the mechanics of internal combustion and turbine aircraft engines
  • Ability controlling operations of equipment
  • Mathematics and calculation expert
  • Manual dexterity skills
  • Quality assurance

Education Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic

At the very end of your Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic you should mention your formal and non formal education. You should mention all the cerfiticates and diplomas that you hold.  At this part you should  also mention Licence that you have. If you are a Member of Aircraft Mechanic Association you should mention it in the last part of the Sample Resume Aircraft Mechanic.

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