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You need to understand a couple of things before you write and send your resume. The resume needs to write in a certain format and observe certain rules. Observing these rules and tips will ensure that you get a high rating when the hiring manager goes through your resume.

Format your resume appropriately

The format that you use in your resume is crucial to the success of your job application process. This is because the software used for evaluating the resumes require a clean and well formatted resume to get top quality rankings. You should therefore use wide margins, clear headings and a neat layout of your resume. Moreover, you should make use of bullet points to highlight key points, especially your accomplishments from the rest of the document. You can also selectively apply bold and italics in order for the reader to have an easy time going through your resume.

Accomplishments are better than job descriptions

Hiring managers look for candidates who can solve specific problems in their industry. Therefore, you cannot be the solution if you cannot demonstrate how you solved similar problems in your previous post. When writing your resume, you should focus on what you did on the job; list your accomplishments in order of relevance to the job being applied for. Moreover, you should highlight accomplishments that are unique to you while avoiding generic job descriptions for the job that you previously held.

Try as much as possible to quantify your accomplishments

It is a common feature for job applicants to use general claims and industry jargon in a bid to increase their marketability. However, this does not do so and eventually hurts the marketability of the concerned applicant. Your resume is a document that should be designed to sell your strengths and skills. You can do this by highlighting specific achievements which presents a good picture of how marketable you are. Moreover, you should quantify your achievements. This will ensure a greater confidence of the hiring manager in your.

Customize your resume for the specific industry

The nature of your resume may be determined by the industry that you work in. For example, people working in the design industry have a greater freedom in terms of the design of the resume compared to those in the mechanical industry. Take time to understand what hiring managers in your area of expertise are looking for. This will give you an idea of how to format your resume, what to include and what to exclude. Your resume will therefore be of high quality. This will increase your chances of landing an interview.

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