Billing specialist resume

A billing specialist can work in a variety of environments ranging from an insurance company, hospital and even in a clinic. Since the duties of a billing specialist deal with record keeping among other duties, some of the important skills for a billing specialist include attention to detail and accuracy. It is important that you understand how to write your resume as a billing specialist and the structure to follow when doing so. This article covers the general structure and some of the things to keep in mind when writing a resume for a billing specialist including.

Personal details

You should include your personal details at the top of the resume. This information is very important since it will allow the employer to get back to you in the event that you made the shortlist. Some of the things that you should include in your personal details section include name, street address, city, telephone number and email. Verify that they are correct before you sent your application.


This section should include as a general overview of the qualities that the applicant has. You should therefore take the opportunity to sell yourself in this part of the resume. Ensure that you give you more relevant points first before you move onto the less relevant points. Moreover, you should keep in mind the things mentioned in the advertisement when writing this section so as to only write relevant things.


This is a section where you highlight your duties and strengths in your area of expertise. Some key points to keep in mind are that you should use bullet points in this section extensively. Bullet points are good since they allow you to make short, precise statements that highlight your strengths. This is important since on average resume software will take 30-40 seconds on your resume thus it should cover everything relevant by then. Also start with your strengths that are related to the job application objective.


In this section, you can give details of your work experience. Please ensure that you also note the duties that you were performing in these places. Moreover, it is better to highlight the duties that are related to the job that you are applying for currently. Take time and use statistics instead of blanket statements. Ensure that you give metrics for the work that you did in order to highlight your capabilities and to set you apart from the rest of the applicants.


In the education section, you can highlight the education that you have got related to your area of expertise. You can highlight the certifications, technical schools that you have attended colleges and other relevant institutions in your area of expertise. Only write what is relevant in your resume.

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