When you are writing a Restaurant cook Sample Resume you have to stress your passion for cooking! Your resume should describe relevant skills that you posses, accomplishments and professional experience.

Restaurant cook

Restaurant cook Sample Resume relevant skills

Place of the work of the restaurant cook is a restaurant.  A person who wants to get a job as a restaurant cook has to have a love for cooking, knows a lots of recipes and how to prepare food. Also, an candidate for a restaurant cook has to be  experienced in following sanitation guidelines for food preparation. Cook is also responsible that the quality of food is good. A Cook usually works in a team, therefore it is important that in a Restaurant cook Sample Resume is stated that a candidate is a team player. 

Job duties of a Restaurant cook

  •  Verify that all items are available prior to commencing cooking
  • Season and cook food according to recipes provided
  • Cut, chop and slice food items
  • Ensure that all orders follow menu presentation
  • Weigh and mix ingredients according to recipes
  • Portion and arrange food aesthetically on plates and platters
  • Bake, boil, roast, steam and fry food items
  • Carve meats and prepare vegetables
  • Prepare relishes and salads
  • Ensure that food supplies are in check at all times
  • Order supplies before they run out
  • Maintained kitchen equipment and tools
  • Cleaned work stations and counters

Restaurant cook  Sample Resume prepared meal

Important aspects to be mentioned in the Restaurant cook Sample Resume

Restaurant owners look to hire a cook who possess knowledge and experience of working as a cook in a restaurant environment. Therefore for a quality Restaurant cook Sample Resume it is good to mention prevoius experience and results such as increased customer-base and taking part in cooking competitions. Also it should be mentioed:  large  quantity food preparation, excellent communication skills (read, write, speak, and   understand English) and strong ability to stand for long periods of time and move  around at a brisk pace.



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