How to make a good pipe fitter resume 

A pipe fitter is one of the highest paid professionals in the construction industry. The nature of the work dictates that you can work in different environments ranging from commercial, residential and even industrial. This fact influences how you can structure your resume in order to set you apart from the rest of the applicants. The resume that you submit for review should be tailored for the specific job that you are applying for. This article looks at a typical structure of a resume for a pipe fitter. Moreover, some tips will be provided within the subtopics. Some of the important things to factor in your resume include;


This should be a short summary of the objectives for the job that you are applying for. You should highlight some of your soft skills and high level professional things that you would do in that position.

Duties and responsibilities

Pipe Fitter Resume do a variety of tasks in a construction site. The work in industrial, residential and commercial site. They work with steel, copper and plastic pipes and they have to understand and have the relevant skills to properly install the pipes in the buildings. A good resume should highlight these skills.

Work experience

Work experience is crucial to a Pipefitter Resume. This is because most clients look for a wealth of experience from their pipe fitters in order to hire them. Moreover, it serves to build the confidence of the client as to your abilities and your suitability for the project that they have. In this section, highlight some of the projects that you have done, the clients and your duties in that project. Clearly highlight the role that you played in the success of the project. Don’t be shy to mention your personal achievements in this section. This will help show that you are proactive hence increasing your chances of getting the job.

Highlight your education and training

This is another crucial part of the resume. The education and training that you have got over the years influence the amount of experience and the skills that you have. A general education requirement for a pipe fitter is a high school diploma or the equivalent of it. There are some pipe fitters who enroll in technical school and further their skills. Many of them, however, gain the necessary skills through an apprenticeship. In the case of apprenticeships, pipe fitters are required to complete about 2000 hours of on the job training plus some classroom training. Be sure to include the most recent educational experience, certificates.

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