Occupational therapy assistants are usually needed to help occupational therapists in many patient related and managerial tasks such as managing data related to patients and registering them in a therapy program, demonstrating therapy methods, assessing and checking patients’ improvement and watching their routine.
As such tasks incorporate a lot of direct patient care and management, occupational therapy assistants is required to have a degree from a program recognized by the American Occupational Therapy Association. By presenting such info on your resume as well as showing some experience, you can get this position. If you don’t have enough knowledge how to make resume for Occupational therapy assistants, you can use the following Occupational Therapist Assistant Resume Example to have better chances of getting this position.


Jessica Robertson

12 main boulevards, Chicago, Illinois 12345
(098) 765-4321, j.robertson@email.com


Active and creative expert with 3+ years’ practical experience in occupational therapy assistance. Deep understanding of both managerial tasks and patient care control. Practical experience in forecasting, directing and executing quality therapy programs. Well proficient in carrying out a number of treatments under the management of a certified occupational therapist.

✔ Recent Virginia state licensure as a Qualified Occupational Therapist


Resume Example for Occupational Therapist Assistant

Occupational Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

• Occupational therapy programs’ forecasting, management and execution
• Treatment, counseling, and teaching
• Splints and braces building
• Patient improvement checking
• Record planning and upkeep
• Health care providers’ training
• Supplies demand
• Equipment purification
• Infection regulation techniques
• Privacy upkeep


• Created and performed a wide range of shared therapy strategies that worked toward patient relief and issue control
• Carried out 5 seminars on the advantages of therapy for individuals who work on computers for very long time
• Presented a system that mechanically assessed the daily aptitudes of patients and created outcomes signifying suitable treatments
• Applied an online patient info structure, substituting the physical system


CV Sample for Occupational Therapist Assistant

CV Sample for Occupational Therapist Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant | The Therapy Hub – New York, NY | Mar 2009 – Present
• Interview patients to find out type of issue
• Give all updated data regarding patients to the occupational therapist and keep it safe in the office database
• Help in making and performing of treatment strategies
• Educating the patients about different therapy treatments
• Propose home systems and help them in making use of adaptive tools
• Help patients in dressing and improving daily routine
• Educating patients about the usage of particular tools or systems
• Manage patients’ deeds
• Observe patient development and inform the occupational therapist

Occupational Therapy Aide | The Therapy Hub – New York, NY | Jan 2008 – Feb 2009
• Helped in administering patient files and records in databases
• Educated patients about therapy policies and processes
• Helped patients in dressing and getting ready for therapies and different accomplishments
• Guaranteed appropriateness of therapy provisions
• Upheld therapy tools


New York Occupational Therapy School, New York, NY
Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant-ship – 2007

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