With progressive development in information technology field, the Network Engineering field is also continuously booming. A large number of job opportunities are created in this field every year and the demand for network engineers is increasing in various settings, but mainly in industrial and commercial settings. Network engineers develop and manage the computer networks for flawless information flow. They also develop and implement network structures for both internal and external communications according to the demands of the clients.

However, whether you are an experienced network engineer or fresh, you will not be able to get this position unless you come up with a most effective professional resume that tempts your target employers to consider you for this position. If you want to make such resume, then keep in mind that following Network Engineer Resume Sample when applying for this job.


Ashton Levis

123 XYZ Avenue, Detroit, MI XXXXX

Call: (XXX) XXX-XXXX, Email: yourname@email.com



A technically sagacious professional with more than six years’ experience in network engineering in a network support organization. Well-versed with analytical skills and modern networking systems to find out basic network demands. Practical work experience in administering basic important technologies including MAN GAN, LAN, WAN, etc. Profound expertise in installing and resolving issue related to multifaceted network systems.


  • Successfully completed objectives in integrating the organization’s MAN and GAN systems for uninterrupted data flow.
  • Installed a multifaceted WAN system that collected info from accessible data to handle the organization’s accounting data across more than ten offices.


Senior Network Engineer

 Exact Tech Corporation, Detroit, MI | June 2011 – Present

  • Set up, handle and troubleshoot the complex networks and resolved issues
  • Administer user account and email together with providing guarantee related to updated virus safety
  • Manage network load and usage and executed strategies to optimize it
  • Give info technology explanations and presentations to the company and its dealers
  • Evaluate networks and provide solution to the issues as they happen
  • Administer troubleshooting tasks and advancements

Network Technician

SoftTech Inc., Detroit, MI | July 2007 – April 2011

  • Laid and managed wires for smooth data flow and networking
  • Set up software as well as hardware on demands
  • Administered and carried out all troubleshooting tasks
  • Monitored security chances on both software and hardware
  • Supported in administering the official websites


Bachelors in Computer Sciences – National State University, Detroit, MI – 2006Network Engineer Resume Sample


  • Profound technical knowledge of multifaceted networks and their preservation
  • Practical skills of modern technological equipment and upgrades
  • Outstanding systematic and troubleshooting abilities
  • Brilliant structural and communication expertise
  • Skilled at web based apps



After creating the resume, you need to evaluate your resume in order to avoid any sort of resume mistake. If you like this resume format, then don’t forget to give your feedback below.

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