Materials coordinators procure, manage and ensure supply of materials for a company in order to use for manufacturing purposes. They administer the materials’ inventory and distribute the materials to diverse departments depending on their demands.

This position requires at least a high school diploma or GED, but experience related to this position is most demanding factor. No matter whether you are experienced or fresh candidate, following Materials Coordinator Resume Example will make you stand out in the eyes of employer.


Frank Underwood

123 XYZ Avenue, Detroit, MI XXXXX




Self-motivated, proactive, competent and multi-talented materials coordinator with a wide ranging experience of more than seven years in managing the continuous flow and production of materials without compromising on quality as well as quantity. Profound understanding and experience in carrying out mass production of materials and mass dealing tasks and inventory administration.



  • Verified skills and knowledge related to high-tech purchasing and material tracking
  • Deep understanding of assessing production schedules
  • Skilled at managing in-plant materials flow intended for using as per production schedules
  • Extensive experience in managing flow of materials on mechanical conveyor belts



Materials Coordinator

ABC Technologies, Detroit, MI

Feb 2009 – Nov 2013

  •  Managed the procurement and distribution of production materials
  • Assessed production times and made sure all materials can be accessed at any moment
  • Discussed with managers to identify quality demands
  • Evaluated materials to ensure quality protocols
  • Compile and handled the data and details regarding materials procurement and distribution
  • Administered materials flow from one place to another and ensured not a single piece gets damaged or spoiled
  • Got the ineffective materials repaired and managed the assembly of materials
  • Administered the inventory levels
  • Carried out effective calculations to make sure that procurement, maintenance and distribution of material do not put burden on the set budget

Material Handler

Detroit Tech Warehouse, Detroit, MI

April 2007 – Jan 2009

  • Procured and maintained production materials
  • Made materials always ready for use in different departments
  • Handled the materials loading and unloading and made the reports
  • Administered operations in materials inventory and improvised ways to improve material handling



  • Made a guide on flawless procurement, distribution and inventory of production materials and trained the new workers
  • Made resourceful associations with suppliers and vendors bringing about 30% flat discount on all production items
  • Suggested quality administration standards to make sure that materials procured meet the quality demands
  • Modernized the materials inventory structure through well-adjusted checks to make sure suitable permanent inventory levels



High School Diploma – 2006

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