Marketing Communications managers plan, develop and execute all of the marketing processes, interactions, public relations tasks, both outside and inside the company. They administer progress and execution of support materials and services. They organize the duties of the workers in marketing, communications and public relations and help the team at preemptive levels with the various operations of the company.

The resume for marketing communication manager must reflect all such skills and experiences in a best way. For this challenging position, your resumes should also be challenging and that sells your skills. Following Marketing Communications Manager Resume Example will be a great help in this regard.


Hank Francis

123 XYZ Avenue, Detroit, MI XXXXX

Call: (XXX) XXX-XXXX, Email:



A Management position in Marketing Communication in a well-reputed and progressive organization.


  • More than 5 years of experience in Marketing Communication, with a strong marketing understanding, outstanding reading and writing skills, and proficiency in interpreting marketing ideas and system concepts across all organizational levels.
  • A successful and experienced project manager, proficient in seeing the big picture and organizing tasks to facilitate well-timed and cost-efficient completion of projects.
  • A self-motivated and proactive communicator having expertise to give enthusiastic presentations with intelligibility and hilarity to a wide range of audiences.
  • An effective leader and a successful team player, well versed in supporting team members to complete the personal as well as professional objectives.


Marketing Communication Consultant        Oct 2008 – Nov 2013 

ABC Publishers, Detroit, MI

  • Wrote advertising copy for newspapers and technical periodicals, working closely with graphic designers to develop visually effective marketing messages.
  • Interviewed Authors, synthesized information and wrote promotional copy for technical as well as scientific books.
  • Assessed and collected data for direct mail efforts and worked with mail houses to complete mailing to targeted market segments in a successful and well-timed way.
  • Directed and administered the progress and production of catalogues, brochures, flyers and direct mail materials.

Executive Director       Mar 2005 – Sep 2008

DEF Organization, Detroit, MI

  • Acted as media spokesperson on a number of TV channels and radio programs in order to promote DEF Organization’s mission and future events
  • Delivered marketing presentations to potential clients and donors
  • Carried out online research to find out funding sources, established media partnerships and advertising opportunities
  • Further developed that Organization’s website as the promotional tool
  • Planned and executed the annual donation raising event for the company for several consecutive years


  • Conducted detailed interviews of several marketing, editorial and sales professionals to choose the best team for the organization
  • Wrote and edited copy for corporate brochures, sales tools and direct mail pieces
  • Researched and delivered engaging educational lectures to small and large professional goups on the topics related to the marketing communication management


  • Masters in Business Administration, Detroit University, Detroit, MI
  • Masters in Arts, State University, Detroit, MI
  • Bachelor of Arts, IT & Management School, Detroit, MI
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