Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample

How to write a Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample?

Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample plays a pivotal part in the process of employment search. It is a source to get in touch with the employers directly. One fine aspect regarding the Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample is that it will help you to make your letter more personable to the employer’s liking. This letter will exhibit your overall experience, skills and education to the employer. You may check the Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample to get an idea about how to show your skills in a proper manner.

Real Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample

Following is an example of the Lifeguard Cover Letter sample:

First name     Last name

123 ABC Street, City, State XXXXXX

Call: (000) 000-0000



Mr. First name  Last Name

Recruiting Manager, ABC Hotel

ABC Blvd, City, State XXXXX

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am here by applying for the position of a Lifeguard at ABC Hotel after reading your job advertisement dated July, 10th, 2014. I believe that I am the best candidate for the job as I have extensive experience of more than five years. I have a zeal and inherent desire to save lives of people and want to give my whole hearted contribution to save people from mishaps that might take place at the swimming pool of your hotel.

You will come to know that I have expertise in swimming after you go through my resume. I am a highly responsible person who is always ready to protect the lives of children and the elderly people. I have considerable experience in doing my duties efficiently at private swim clubs, sports clubs, hotels, recreational centers, colleges, etc . My extensive work experience of carrying out rescue operations and saving many valuable lives will prove to be an asset for your hotel.

I also have expertise in managing emergencies and facilitating first aid. I am an expert in providing respiration to the people if required. I can utilize strategies that are useful in preventing the occurrence of accidents. Being a highly qualified and focused lifeguard, I look forward to have a meeting with you personally and have a discussion regarding this position. I am highly enthusiastic about doing this job. You may call me or send me an email.

Thank you for your time.


First name Last name

(Your signature)

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