Important elements of a resume to get a job

A resume is an important document for a person looking for a job. A good resume is what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants and helps you to secure an interview with the employer. The employer relies on resumes to select the people who can be called for an interview and eventually fill the advertised positions in their organization. It is therefore crucial that you write a quality resume since it will help you to create a good first impression to your clients. Sample Resume Download article looks at some of the essential components of a resume including;


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Your personal information

This section is usually placed at the top of the resume. It is a very important part of a resume since it allows the employer to contact you in case they want to invite you for an interview. You should take time and ensure that the details you provide in this section are accurate. Moreover, they should be correctly spelt to avoid miscommunication. Some of the things that you can include in this section include your current and permanent address, your telephone number and your email address among other address information. Get more tips from sample resume download.

The career objective

This is the section where you have to write a short summary as to the purpose of writing this resume in your job search. This should be a short statement. The objective statement should be related to the position that you are applying for in the organization. Moreover, it should be able to highlight your skills. Remember you are your best salesperson thus you should make your skills clear and your objective for applying for the job customized for the job that you are applying for.


In this section of the resume, you should list the academic institutions that you have attended in the past. This serves to show the employer that you have gained the necessary skills for the job and that you have been properly trained to efficiently do the work. Some of the things that you can include in this section include the certificates, courses that you have done that are related to the job you are applying for. Moreover, you can also include the university degree that you took.

Work experience

Include the places that you have previously worked including internships, summer jobs and volunteer work. You should also include the position title, the organization, state, dates and a short list of the job duties that you were required to undertake at the place.


Include the academic, musical, athletic and any other recognition that you got. You should also include the name of award, when it was awarded and by whom.


This section covers the role you played in the organizations, the position and dates.


You should also include your soft and hard skills. Soft skills are people related while hard skills are technical and career related skills.


This section involves people that have interacted with you and can vouch for you on a professional level. You should therefore include teachers, work supervisor or a character reference. You should include the name of the person, relationship, organization and their contact details.

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