Being experienced over a specific job or having a great educational background, does not mean much, if you fail to show them in your resume.

Amanda Augustine from a job matching online service (TheLadders) said, “You can have all the experience in the world – if your resume doesn’t stand out, if you don’t present that information in a well-organized manner, or if it doesn’t tell your story, nobody will take the time to look at your resume closely enough to see all that experience,

There are some specific things a resume must have, regardless the industry you are looking to get involved, and this is what Amanda Augustine shared.

Mid Level Sample Resume important areas

Mid Level Sample Resume

You can see how a Mid Level Sample Resume should look like, so lets analyse what the 1 to 6 points are, and what is their purpose:

Important points in Mid Level Sample Resume you should include

  1. The Job seeker (you) should not try to squeeze everything in only one page. Generally a 2 page resume is ideal!
  2. The core competencies of the job seeker’s should be featured at the top of your resume.
  3. Each role you enter, should split into responsibilities and key achievements.
  4. Try to quantify information whenever you can, the Human Resource department love it!
  5. Take advantage of your working experience to prove that you had a very good progression during your working years.
  6. The Education section should be listed at the end of your resume.

Deeper analysis into important points of Mid Level Sample ResumeMid Level Sample Resume

1) By elaborating on your most recent work, you show that it is relevant to your current job goal (The one you apply to). Also, at the top of your second page (or third if you have), include your header (Name and contact information) so these information are always visible to the reader.

2) The core skill list, is usually referred to as “Areas of Expertise” or “Core Competencies”. This allows the reader to quickly read the top area of the resume and understand the job seeker’s capabilities. Also, it will help that resume to pass the electronic gatekeepers (Applicant Tracking System).

3) You need to be very specific when you describe your accomplishments and contribution to the previous companies you have been.

4) When it is possible, include numbers when you describe for instance the budget you had, the people you managed, the profit you made or even the number of events you helped get organized.

5) Showing your working experience to back up your progression is very important. You will show (In reverse-chronological order) that you started from a low position, and started to take larger projects, manage more people, trusted with bigger budgets, which shows the progress of your career.

6) After working for some years, the Education should be moved to the bottom of your resume. The companies are not much interested to your education, but to your experience and accomplishments.

Did you find the above information helpful? Will you apply them to your own Mid Level Sample Resume?

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