Human Resources Generalists carry out daily tasks of the Human Resource (HR) office. They provide support to the human resources management personnel and their strategies, processes and programs. They perform duties in different operational field such as departmental development, HR Info Systems, Staff’s relations, training and progress assessment, profits, compensation, administrative growth, and employment.

As you can see that it’s a multi-task oriented position, so an HR Generalist position requires possessing wide ranging skills and experiences regarding aforementioned fields and duties. If you do not have idea how to effectively reflect your skills through a perfect resume, then following Human Resources Generalist Resume Example will be a great help for you.


Taylor Bannett

123 XYZ Avenue, Chicago, IL XXXXX

Call: (XXX) XXX-XXXX, Email:



A satisfactory generalist position in Human Resources Department of a well-known and progressive organization


  • More than 5 years’ experience in executing Human Resources responsibilities including management, regulation, training, finances, employee service and counseling, etc.
  • Ingenious, self-motivated and detail-optimized; proficient in problem solving and an effective multi-functional.
  • Successfully balance workers’ demands as per organization’s strategies and standards.


Sep 2007 – Present

Relocation Specialist (2010-present) and Associate Relocation Specialist (2007-2010)

Orgo Industrial Services, Inc., Chicago, IL

  • Cooperated with HR administrators, recruiting managers to come up with offer letters and private workers’ reward packages.
  • Produced and supervised rearrangement programs for business clients like ABC Tech Services and XYZ Corporate, Inc. Tasks included planning and improvements of finances, making strategies as per client demands, evaluating and tracking costs, adding tax gross-up and managing compensation.
  • Synchronized rearrangement profits for transferring or new recruited workers. Tasks included finance planning, home marketing and sale buyout, travel organization, momentary housing, perpetual housing, household materials shipment, tax support, cost refund, etc.
  • Smoothed a regular Round Table to classify and eliminate department issues.

Mar 2003 – Jun 2007

Client Relations Representative

ASD Tech Associate Corp., Chicago, ILHuman Resources Generalist Resume Example

  • Made sure that relocating workers, from low level to high level, could perform effectively in their new designation by pledging that their instant relocation demands were met. Advised staffs on making best use of their relocation profits and finance. Handled private relocation packages as per standards and rules.
  • Assured that staffs got their cost compensations in a precise and well-timed way through cost tracking and tax support.


  • Delivered profound on-the-job training and attentive management to a number of disturbed workers, which brought about the personnel’s achievement as an authorized and responsible team player.
  • Was awarded Membership of the State Recognition Team, which executed regular recognition of staff’s superiority.
  • Got 100% approval rating by relocating personnel


  • MBA in Human Resources, Imperial University, Chicago, IL
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, State College of Business, Chicago, IL


ESL Tutor, Savvy Volunteers of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • Found out and solved personalized and group training demands for grown-ups for whom English was a 2nd language.

Mentor, XYZ School System, Chicago, IL

  • Directed a number of fledgling individuals facing learning and household encounters.
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