Handyman Resume Samples – How to write handyman cover letter?

The tasks performed by a handyman resume samples are diverse, including doing renovations and repairs were required. This requires a skilled craftsman who understands their duties and has the qualities of a good handyman. Some of the things that employers look for in a handyman include flexibility, diverse skill set, fast worker and reliable in case of emergencies, great organization skills, team layer and a person who can learn fast on the job. A cover letter is a document that is very important in a job application. It creates a first impression of the applicant to the employer. You therefore should write a good cover letter that highlights your skills and what the clients are looking for. Some of the things that should be on your cover letter for that handyman job include;

Your contact information

Contact information is important for communication purposes. It allows the employer to get back to you in case they want to set up an interview with you amongst other reasons. You should therefore ensure that your contact information is accurate and occurs at the top of your cover letter.

The employer’s contact information

After writing your contact information, you should also include the contact information of your prospective employer. If you have the contact information of the person concerned with the hiring you can add it. Otherwise, just use the position of the concerned person. Be sure to proofread and verify that the contact information that you are providing for the company is accurate.

The date of writing the resume

Include the date that you are writing the cover letter after the contact information.


This is the introductory part of your cover letter. If you have the exact name of the contact at the employer, use their last name in the salutation such as Dear Mr. /Ms.Last Name. If you do not have the contact name, use the position in the organization such as Dear Hiring Manager.

The body of the cover letter

In this section, there are several things that you need to ensure. Firstly, you should introduce yourself with a statement that states explicitly which position you are applying for. Moreover, that statement should refer to the source of the advertisement that you saw.

You should also summarize your skills, experience and achievements in this section. This will create the interest in the employer enough for them to call you for an interview. Moreover, your achievements will also help to show that you are capable of performing the tasks that the employer wants to employ a handyman for. In the concluding paragraph, thank the employer for their time; provide a specific follow up time. Kindly ensure that you use a positive tone when writing your cover letter.


You can end by signing off on your cover letter such as sincerity, your signature. After this, kindly state the things that you have enclosed with the cover letter such as the resume and work portfolio.



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