It is always a stress to hire a new personnel, especially  to hire an Assistant, but our tips in following lines on How to hire an Assistant can help you to manage this without any.

How to hire an Assistant – The very first step!

Lately you have lot of work to do, especially because you are a self employed person and you don’t have any more time for your self and private life?! You know that you need some kind of help? Or not? Well ask yourself, because the very first step in a hiring an Assistant would be admitting that you do need it!

After admitting yourself that you do need help in order to your self employment get it’s charm back: freedom, flexibility and fun! You have admitted? Than  the next question would be: How to hire one? Read our How to hire an Assistant step by step plan!

Five step plan on How to hire an Assistant

In next few steps you will get know with the process of hiring an assistant.

  1. Ask yourself if you have some potential candidates in your own network? Make a list of contacts.
  2. What are the main qualities needed in your business? Make a list. Below you can find an example.
  • professionalism
  • dressing code
  • active listening (without interrupting)
  • taking initiative
  • confidence.

3. Think about personality attributes and make a list! Example:

  • fast learner
  • result oriented
  • likes to take a challenge

4. What about the skills? Oh, yeah.. there are certainly a few skills that your future assistant must to have? Write them down! Example:

  • organizational skills: developing to-do list and respecting deadlines
  • fulfills tasks according to priorities
  • Promptly responds to phone calls and emails.

5.  Are there some other activities that you would like your assistant to do?  Some activities that are not most profitable for you? For example:

  • replying to emails
  • attending meetings
  • writing and posting articles and blog posts
  • keeping Facebook and twitter up to date
  • find and hire people via Odesk
  • sending newsletters using MailChimp
  • developing and sending invoices

Hope you like our How to hire an Assistant 5 step plan? But there is more…

Get more freedom with our How to hire an Assistant tips

Wouldn’t that be great, just to be concentrate on your business?  To be a gladiator in business development and focused on sales? If you follow our advises you are buying yourself a free time and a private life!

Schedule more than one interview

If you  ask yourself , after our 5 steps,  How to hire an Assistant, then the best way is to have more than one interview!  You can use 2 interview meetings. In the first one you can ask a lot of general questions, ask about goals and how much money candidate  expects to earn with the job? On the second meeting you can ask more specific questions and share with the candidate what do you need, challenges of your business and what kind of work do you do.

A few more tips on How to hire an Assistant
  • trial period is recommended
  • research the market and pay realistic amount per hour
  • give a different kind of compensation, it doesn’t have to be cash always. Maybe offering more opportunities for learning or for interaction with interesting people. Think outside the box in this case also.
  • the best people make mistakes also, so be prepared to start letting go of control.

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