If you are planning to create a cover letter for the position of a Fresh Elementary Teacher, it might be a complicated task. In the cover letter, you need to include your education and accomplishments along with the expertise regarding Elementary Teaching. Does it really seem difficult to you?

Well, just have a look at the following Fresh Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example. It is going to help you to come up with an excellent cover letter that will make your resume noticeable among a number of job applications.


 May 20, 2011

Dr. Brian Marshall, Principal

ABC Elementary School, 000 Avenue, Van Nuys, CA XXXX


Dear Dr. Brian:

I truly enjoyed the discussion with you on May 20th at the Parents and Children Development conference on educating elementary kids. I truly like your particular remarks with respect to bringing into balance the necessities of children and the society during tough financial era. This cover letter is to give a summary about the 4th Grade Teacher job as discussed at the conference. I’ll obtain my M.Ed. degree from University of California in Dec 2013, and will be ready to provide my services during forthcoming academic session.

My instructor training program at University of California integrated a complete school year of student teaching. In the last semester, I provided training to the second grade and this semester I got the chance of teaching 4th grade. These valuable experiences gave me the opportunity to stand out in the schooling field.

A few highlights of my expertise are:

  • Highly Proficient in planning, monitoring, and carrying out the training program compliant with academic regulations
  • Demonstrated record of making systematic arrangement, manifestation, and decoration of the school environment.
  • Capable to provide appropriate visual management
  • Proven Capability to act in accordance with all safety procedures.

My former experience constitutes wide-ranging duties in a personal child care facility at University of California’s Children Development Center. Throughout my employment, I provided guidelines to the various groups of children, helped them with lunches and snacks, and carried out proper activities. I also obtained in-depth knowledge in the implementation of appropriate activities for students with respect to the development.

I keenly look forward to putting my valuable knowledge as well as expertise into practice at ABC Elementary School. I’ll call you next week to get feedback regarding my job application. You may contact me at (000) 000-0000 or send an email at name @ email.com.

Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration.



Jessica Elbert

Enclosure. Resume



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