When I started searching a job opportunity the main activity was just sending job applications, I did not quit applying. My key objective was to provide my resume at different places or send 60+ job applications a week and before 1 week was up I had 5 interview calls and 2 job offers. You can get a job offer in very short time If you avoid the following most common resume errors.

1. Never Forget to Include Dates

Most Job seekers usually do not mention dates while writing their resumes because they hardly memorize they do not want to give the impression of being a flake. But, not including the dates looks unappealing and might cost you the interview call.

2. State Reason for Leaving Last Job

This is terrible to mention in a professional resume because if you left previous job for personal reasons they would not pay attention. However If you mention I got fired from last job for no reason, or I was asked to do something unethical or anything it will give them an impression like a whiner and they really would not like to hire one of those.


3. Avoid spelling & Grammatical errors and Make it look appealing

If your employer finds any grammatical or spelling mistake in your resume, your chances of getting selected for interview will get lower. Colored paper printing seems messy, better use white paper or any other nice one. Never hand-write the envelope and ensure it appears fresh and spotless. It is better to use a USPS flatrate priority envelope, as that assists your resume holds out in a nice professional way and shows that you are interested in this company and employment.


4. Avoid beating around the bush

Look only your mother would like to go through all things of your life for the previous many years, but the interviewer certainly doesn’t have the time to read that. So, try to explain everything briefly and to the point.

5. What’s the point?

Don’t just embark on spree of sending out the resume to all organizations. First check out the ads, read job descriptions offered by any organization and then you should send out the resume and ensure to add a short cover letter that shows your potential to employers.


Remember that you will always be required a number of resumes when looking for a job. In order to have better opportunities for an interview, all resumes must target the career objectives you want. The resume is a means to cash your abilities and approach the target companies, which need to know why you must be hired for a particular job, not mere a laundry list of your personas that might enable you to get the job. The resume must satisfy the reader and tell them that you are the exclusively qualified candidate for the job. Just avoid aforementioned most common resume errors, you will have greater chances to get call for job interview.

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