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Since most of the times (If not all) the dock worker position resides inside a warehouse and the job involves transport and freight of pallets, you need to provide information to your dock worker resume about physical agility and experience of working inside a warehouse. But lets see in more detail how a dock worker resume should look like!  

Dock Worker Resume – What to focus on?Dock Worker Resume

Basically, a Dock Worker Resume should highlight the physical condition of the candidate and his/her understanding of how a warehouse works (Everything about a warehouse).

So lets break down those two major areas you need to focus one, and give you some examples of how to present your skills!

Physical condition for Dock Worker Resume

You need to make clear that you are in an excellent physical condition, and see a small example of it:

Physically in an excellent condition with 5+ years of experience in a dock warehouse. Experience on breaking down stacks and arranging items for proper loading.

This can be the introduction for your Dock Worker Resume and it states that not only you have working experience, but your physical state is perfect and you know how to be effective to your position!

Get more specific – Dock Worker ResumeDock Worker Resume

Below, you will have to list in detail what your tasks were, and what are your limits.

  • Know how to operate freight vehicles and equipment.
  • Sorting and handling containers
  • Complying with federal and company regulations
  • Experience over quality checks of shipments
  • Able to lift and move a load up to 80kgr

Working tasks of previous jobs – Dock Worker Resume

Dock Worker ResumeThe most important thing to a Dock Worker Resume is the working experience and you should highlight it.


  • your exact job position,
  • the full name of the company you worked for
  • and the period you worked there.

Below that, you need to list all the tasks you accomplished and the knowledge you gained from that position.

At the end, you can add your education, which might help you to get a better position after a few years of work to that company. In the dock worker position, it is very common to get promoted after a few years, because workers with many years of experience are very important to the company. Having an employee with many continuous years of experience in a company, is a guarantee for a smooth work flow to a warehouse!

Send us the job post and we can prepare you a Dock Worker resume sample which will increase your chances of getting to an interview!

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