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Cover letters have great value in a job application process. There are some clients who might not pay attention to it but most attach great importance to the quality of the cover letter that you write. It is for this reason that you should prepare yourself adequately to write a good cover letter that will be able to help you get the job. This article features important sections of the cover letter that should not be left out including; you can get more concierge cover letter from sample resume download

Name and contact details of the applicant

The importance of contact information cannot be emphasized enough. You should ensure that your cover letter should have your contact information neatly typed. Some of the things that you should include in the contact section of your cover letter include your name, street address, city, state and the zip for that particular area. Moreover, you should also include the date, name of your contact person, their title, organization name, street address, the city, state and zip for the organization you are applying for.


This should be immediately after your contact information. You should write the name of the contact person such as Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name. However, in the case that you do not have the contact name of the person concerned with hiring, then you can include the title such as Dear Hiring Manager.


This is the first paragraph of your cover letter. In this section, you should state the position that you are applying for. Moreover, state where you saw the advertisement for the position. For example: In response to your advertisement posted in the Herald, I am applying for the position of concierge.

Description section

This section should start from the second paragraph and should be at most two paragraphs long. In this section, you should provide a summary of why you are the best person for he advertised position. Explain the qualifications that you have earned and the reasons that should make them consider you for the position. Highlight your skills and experience in a unique way from you resume. Do not coy the content from your resume.

Closing section

This typically a short paragraph that should conclude your cover letter. Ensure that you conclude your cover letter using a positive statement. This will motivate the hiring firm to contact you. Moreover, you should thank the employer in advance for their time. Also mention the attached resume that they should go through. Tell them know that you are looking forward to an interview with them and inform them that you will be in contact with them by a specific date.

Best regards,

Place you name here.


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