As the Job title depicts, cafeteria managers manage the everyday activities in cafeterias of an institute. It is highly demanding job in cafeterias of schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. Cafeteria managers recruit and teach staff and supervise their duties. They effectively control food preparation duties as per institute’s standards.

This position requires at least a highs school diploma or a GED and managerial experience regarding food services. Your chances to be selected for this position increase if your resume includes aforementioned experience and skills. If you are unable to come up with an effective resume for this position, you can follow the Cafeteria Manager Resume Sample given below to compose a perfect resume.


Michael Hudson

XXX ABC Avenue, Chicago, IL XXXXX





Food service specialist having profound expertise of managing and developing food service strategies to boost output of the workforce in a cafeteria environment. Strong training and experience in valuing food preparation amounts and regulating procedures and manuals in respective manner. Deep knowledge of handling and improving food service activities in line with security, purity and health standards.


  • Made sure continuous delivery of food products by refurbishing the cafeteria’s record system
  • Successfully controlled the budget by including bulk purchasing operations of non-fragile cafeteria items
  • Trained a number of subordinates within a couple of months
  • Made 2 kinds of cafeteria menus of both regular and health food goods


Cafeteria Manager

Chicago State University, Chicago, IL – Mar 2005 – Nov 2012Resume Sample for Cafeteria Manager

  • Plan and organize food preparation responsibilities
  • Assess the quality and quantity of prepared food
  • Developed and executed menus as per nutritional worth and students’ likings
  • Administered records of food goods and supplies
  • Interviewed, recruited and taught cafeteria staff
  • Assigned the staff responsibilities and work schedules
  • Improving the cafeteria standards as per students’ feedback and faculty concerns


Cafeteria Worker

ABC College, Chicago, IL – Feb 2003 – Feb 2005

  • Preparing food as per orders of students and faculty
  • Ensured the quality as well as quantity standards
  • Ensured food storage, supply, and cleanliness of cafeteria


  • Well-versed in managing all activities related to cafeteria and running food service programs
  • Deep understanding of administering food system records, financial summaries, etc
  • Extremely proficient in overseeing food service staff to increase the output
  • Deep understanding of dietetic values, food hygiene and food service activities


Associate in Food Service Management – Chicago Art School – 2002




You can follow this resume example to make your own original one. But, you will also have to make an effective cover letter prior to composing your resume. Click on below link to see the Cover Letter Sample for Cafeteria Manager.

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