Without a cafeteria manager, the everyday errands of a cafeteria can go out of control. Cafeteria managers offer food related services including controlling food preparation, recruiting and teaching cafeteria staff, applying menu plans and evaluate food quality in cafeterias of different departments like hospitals, schools, universities, etc. Therefore, cafeteria managers are required to possess considerable experience or know-how of the food service industry.

A cafeteria manager’s resume must include the skills and knowledge to successfully execute aforementioned responsibilities.  You can follow Cafeteria Manager Cover Letter Sample given below and compose a perfect cover letter accordingly.


Robin Wright

123 St Louis Street, Chicago, IL XXXXX

(XXX) XXX-XXXXX, youremail@email.com


November 10, 2013


Mr. David Hadley

Manager Human Resources

Chicago State University

12 Main Boulevard Road, Chicago, IL XXXXX


Dear Mr. Hadley:

I am very pleased to apply for the position of Cafeteria Manager at the Chicago State University. My administration skills and several years’ of past experience in cafeteria administration make me an ideal applicant for this job. I am really very interested to be the manager at your cafeteria.

To make the selection pronouncement simple for you, I have composed my resume particularly as per your needs. At the top of my resume’s first page, I have mentioned a number of achievements that I got over the course of my ten years’ experience. Those achievements show that I can effectively hire and teach cafeteria staff while making quality food items intended for students’ health and welfare. As you go through such contributions, I expect that a dominant understanding is distinguished: while exceeding just handling cafeteria processes, I can assure that all duties are carried out as per cafeteria’s rules and instructions.

The exceptional skill to administer and assess food service instructions and run food preparation service as per nutritional plans makes me a great choice for this job at your cafeteria. I am looking forward to the chance to discuss with you personally to have a good comprehension of your demands.

Thank you for your consideration.



Robin Wright

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