Differences between chronological resumes and functional resumes

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There is a common misconception among several people that the purpose of a good resume is getting them a job. Actually, a good resume sparks the interest of the employer enough for them to invite you for an interview.  They are able to open doors for you when done properly. However, you should know how to create that interest in the employer even when you do not quite fit the mold. It is true that people are unique and the same can be said about resumes since they also come in different shapes and sizes. This article looks at the difference between the two major types of resumes namely the chronological and the functional types of resumes. You can download more resume format from sample resume download.

Chronological resumes

This is the most common type of resume used in the industry currently. It contains an objective and career summary. Moreover, a chronological listing of all employers is included with the skills and the accomplishments achieved. Education, certifications and other special skills are also included.

A chronological resume has several benefits. Firstly, by the fact that it is the most common, employers will be comfortable with it. Moreover the format provides a smooth transition in your career progression thus you can demonstrate how you have progressed much more easily. Secondly, this type of resume can be used by a hiring manager as a guide during interviews. It is an advantage to you since you are familiar with it and you can further highlight your competencies on the issues raised. This is a good type of resume when you have a lot of experience and expertise in your area of interest.

Functional resumes

Functional resumes are great in highlighting your abilities rather than your chronological work history. Although you will still have to summarize the work history, you can do this at the bottom of the resume which makes it very convenient. This is because by the time the employer reaches that part, you have already sold yourself and probably gained his or her interest enough to get that interview.

A functional resume is focused on the skills rather that the work history. It is therefore important to understand when it will be best to use a functional resume over a chronological resume. Some of these instances include;

When you have gaps in your employment history, when you have changed jobs frequently, are making a transition into a new career or even when you are reentering the job market. This will divert the attention of the employer from the timeline and to the skills that you possess. If the skills that you have match what the employer is looking for, they will most likely contact you for an interview.

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