Formatting the Resume

The text of your resume is the foremost thing that a potential employer will notice. So, it is crucial that you must have an impressive initial impression. Font should be professional with a size Writing Professional Resume12. Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri are most used professional fonts. Different fonts for diverse parts of resume can be used, but it is better to use just two fonts. You should bold or italic the particular words as well. The font of header and the introduction can be a size 14 or 16, but otherwise large font must not be used. There must be 1 inch margins from all sides of resume page with 1.5-2 point line spacing.

Resume body should be aligned to the left and header must be put at the top center of the page. At the top of the resume, make a heading and provide all the contact info such as name, address, email, and phone number. Your name must have a somewhat larger size (14 or 16).

The next step is to choose a very effective layout. Chronological, functional, and combination are 3 usual formats for writing a professional resume. The type of work experience and the employment for which you are applying define the layout style that you need to adopt.

How to make your resume stand out

1. Use catchy Title

Come up with titles that instantly grab attention of the employer. Review your job titles. Are they fascinating and expressive? Never use an ambiguous job title. Just dwell on how fascinating the title is and how well it defines the employment.

2. Make use of keywords cleverly

Professional Resume WritingAs several employers today scan resume with help of particular software to filter the specific keywords and select the demanding resume accordingly. So, ensure that your resume includes all suitable keywords related to the job. You can have an idea of relevant keywords through the job advertisement. If an employer mentions “research” as needed expertise, then your resume should contain word ‘research’. Do not use every keyword stated in the job posting.

3. Use action verbs

Make use of action verbs to demonstrate the tasks and achievements. Doing so, your abilities will stand out. Next main step, which cannot be overstated, is to spell check, grammar check and proofread the resume many times. Any mistake regarding this step will get your resume rejected irrespective of your work history. In the end, double check to ensure that the formatting is precise, all information is included and there is no error.

4. Be creative

While writing a professional resume and then emailing it, use some bulleted lists, bold font, capital letters, and considerate array of info in order to stand out among other candidates. Keep in mind that, employers analyze a resume for an average seven seconds prior to actually reading it. You are required to get their attention at first glance. Your resume must be realistic and not the “too-good-to-be-true” sort of boastful manner.

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